About Rosemary

Here I am, Rosemary Johnson – writer/ reader / cook/ traveller/ computer nerd/ web Cat reading the Kindledesigner/ vegetarian/ cat-lover.  Also wife, mother and grandmother.   And a Christian.

I have had many short stories published, online and in print magazines, but at the moment my priority is launching The Novel – which is set during the Solidarity period in 1980-81 in Poland – in front of the reading public.  I retired from full-time teaching in a college of further education in 2015 and from teaching part-time in adult education in 2019.  I’m now invigilating for exams at the college where I used to teach full-time.  As a volunteer, I’m doing a lot of web development, something I really enjoy.  I maintain the Association of Christian Writers’ website, my own church’s website and as a PR volunteer for my local Trussell Trust Foodbank, I get to do stuff on their website too.

I have been posting on my writing blog, Write On, since 2011.   I used to include book reviews on it but what I came  to realise was that, although all writers read, not all readers write, so reading blogs and writing blogs tend to be distinct. This Dear Reader book blog I launched in 2016, and between 2016 and 2018 I posted reviews every week or so.  But where were you, readers?  Most bloggers are a bit coy about their hits, or lack of, but I’m not.  Now, in 2021, I have decided to restart.   Please do drop in and say hello and what you like about this blog – or not.  In fact, particularly, if not.

Over the last week or so, I’ve been carrying out a bit of a refurb, both of Dear Reader and of Write On.  I literally spent hours looking at WordPress themes and trying them out and I hope you like the result.  I’ve also been making other changes, bit by bit, and there will be more, I’m sure.  

I used to declare in my tagline that whatever I read I review but I couldn’t keep up with myself, so I won’t be doing that anymore.  For me, reading is relaxation, and I want also to be able to enjoy blogging my reviews.

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