About Rosemary

I used to hide under the pen-name, Charlie Britten, but here I am, Rosemary Johnson – writer/ reader / cook/ traveller/ computer nerd/ web Cat reading the Kindledesigner/ vegetarian/ cat-lover.  I am also a… wife, mother and grandmother.   And a Christian.

I have had many short stories published, online and in print magazines, but not recently, as I’m currently concentrating on editing the historical novel I wrote for NanoWriMo last year.  (Slow?  Yes, I know.)   I retired once (in September 2015) from teaching fulltime in a college of further education.   I now teach adults, for just a few hours per week, but, even so, I have to do a lot of preparation and driving.   In addition, I have two voluntary roles, as secretary to my church’s PCC (parochial church council) and competitions manager for the Association of Christian Writers.

I have been posting on the blog Write On since 2011.   Until recently, Write On has included book reviews, because writers must read as well as write.   However, following a post on Write On asking for feedback, many of my writer friends said they weren’t into book reviews  so this blog, Dear Reader, will post book reviews only.   As I say in my tagline, what I read I review – except I give only constructive reviews.  If I don’t like a book and I feel myself about to pan it, I will not review.  My silence will have to speak for itself.

I’m also hoping to find enough material for a historical resources blog and a travel blog.  I’m also plucking up courage to move this blog, and Write On to WordPress.org.  Please bear with me.