Review: Acting Like a Killer by Patsy Collins

What are you supposed to do? You're running a murder mystery weekend at your hotel and the actor playing the victim calls in sick… but there's this rather good-looking man is standing at the end of your checking-in queue, begging for a room. Obvious, really. He can have a room if he's prepared to be... Continue Reading →

Slightly Spooky Stories 1 by Patsy Collins

Twenty-five lovely short stories, some quite long for their genre, and others shorter, all with a very light ghostly theme. In fact, in some of the stories, the spooky bit is very light indeed, such as hypnosis treatment ('Brainwashing Barbara'), whereas in others ghosts and the dead are the main characters ('Can't Take It With... Continue Reading →

Review of 'Firestarter' by Patsy Collins

Alice Bakewell has a thing about being rescued from a blazing building by a hunky fireman, using a fireman's lift - obviously.  "But I'm so over it," she tells her sister, Kate.  Well, maybe.  When Alice and Kate meet ex-schoolfriend, Hamish, on the Fire Service stand at the New Forest Show and he offers to... Continue Reading →

Review of 'Up the Garden Path' by Patsy Collins

Below is my Goodreads review of 'Up the Garden Path'. Up The Garden Path by Patsy Collins My rating: 4 of 5 stars As well as being a much-published author, of magazine stories and of three published novels, Patsy Collins is an enthusiastic gardener, something which comes across in this collection of twenty-four short stories.... Continue Reading →

'A Year and a Day' by Patsy Collins

This is the third of Patsy's recently published novels, the other two being 'Escape to the Country' (which I have reviewed for The Copperfield Review) and 'Paint Me a Picture'.  After the seriousness of 'Paint Me a Picture, 'A Year and a Day' was pure escapism. Stella and Daphne, two girly girls down to Stella's... Continue Reading →

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