‘The Gardener’s Daughter’ by Kathryn Hitchins

'Plants watered too regularly have shallow roots, Ava-Claire.  A short dry spell will force them to push deeper...  A little adversity brings resilience," so says the famous horticulturalist, Theo Gage. Ava is Theo's daughter and, despite what he says about his plants, Theo has cleared the troubles from Ava's path and watered her with his... Continue Reading →

‘The Girl at the End of the Road’ by K A Hitchins

Vincent Stevens is no willing boomerang kid. Forced to return to his parents' house in Suffolk when he is 'let go' from his high-flying job in the City, his whole life is on hold - flat, girlfriend, friends, expensive tastes - but he'll find another high-earning job soon... won't he? His parents are clearly stick-in-the-Suffolk-muds.... Continue Reading →

‘The Key to All Unknown’ by K A Hitchins

Dr Tilda Moss is a brilliant life scientist, working at the University of Newcastle. She is single, nerdish, and totally wrapped up in her work. When she meets Michael Cameron, a marketing manager for the company that supplies her instruments, she falls greedily in love, even though Michael is asking intrusive questions about her research,... Continue Reading →

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