‘Heavenly Date And Other Flirtations’ by Alexander McCall Smith

 It is always a joy to read Alexander McCall Smith. 'Heavenly Date' is a collection of short stories about people going on dates, ranging from the middle aged couple in Switzerland who spend thousands on casual gifts for each other, to the man picking up a prostitute and the young girl who has a picnic... Continue Reading →

Review of ‘The Right Attitude to Rain’ by Alexander McCall Smith

Would you read a book about a benevolent and philanthropic Scottish academic in which very little happens?  Well, Dear Reader, I'm recommending that you read The Right Attitude to Rain which is exactly like that. I love ironic book titles.  In particular, I'm attracted to books with titles that seem to infer that the content... Continue Reading →

Review of 'Emma' by Alexander McCall Smith

Available from Harper Collins. This is the second Austen Project book I've read (following Val McDermid's 'Northanger Abbey', reviewed in my last post).  I had been led to believe by the critics that it would not be as good, and it wasn't, even though I'm probably Alexander McCall Smith's greatest fan.  (Was I influenced by... Continue Reading →

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