Reviews of 'The Dark Marshes' and 'The Secret of Lakeham Abbey', both by Sally Quilford

You may recall, Dear Reader, that some time ago, author Sally Quilford made a guest appearance on this blog.  At that time, I hadn't read 'The Secret of Lakeham Abbey' (the book she was promoting) or its prequel 'The Dark Marshes', so, now I have read them, I'm reviewing both, in this post.  I always... Continue Reading →

Review of 'The Steps of the Priory' by Sally Quilford

Available from Amazon, for 97p.  As far as I can work out, it is only available in e-book format. I downloaded 'The Steps of the Priory', the first book in Sally Quilford's Harcourt Saga, on to my Kindle because I've always enjoyed Sally's competition page in 'Writers Forum', which is always a mixture of well-honed... Continue Reading →

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