Review: Speculations by Stephen Faulkner

Scientists in Georgia, USA, are testing a machine to provide a 'doorway' to parallel universes. Amazingly, they find one first time, but the people in the other cosmos warn them to close their doorway immediately because of the danger of the 'Devil Bird' (providing the story title), which is capable of eating large animals, and... Continue Reading →

Review: Cuthbert of Farne, by Katherine Tiernan

Cuthbert of Farne, A novel of Northumbria’s warrior saint, is probably my best read of 2022 so far. I would love to show you the cover art but I cannot do so without infringing copyright, so to the left is a painting of the man himself. I have long been fascinated by Celtic saints. I... Continue Reading →

Review: Wishful Thinking by Derek Corbett

If only... Characters get themselves into sticky situations and the reader would normally expect a suitably uncomfortable ending - but not here. A suicidal seaman finds a book by his lost love and... (The Bench). A wheelchair-bound young woman, terrified to leave her own flat, plucks up courage to negotiate lifts and pavements to answer... Continue Reading →

Review: Here We Are by Graham Swift

This book won the Booker Prize in 1996. 'Here We Are' is short (195 pages in medium font size) and gentle. The setting is Brighton and the summer of 1959, immediately before the whirlwind that was the 1960s blew in and 'modern life' begun. Magician Ronnie and his assistant Evie are performing in variety on... Continue Reading →

Review – Covid 19: An Extraordinary Time

An anthology edited by Debz Hobbs-Wyatt and Gill James. This work contains 76 pieces, mostly very short but some longer, featuring the first three months of the Covid Pandemic, some short stories, some flash, some poetry and others where the author just described how he/she was feeling and what he/she was experiencing during March, April,... Continue Reading →

Two French Detectives…

Last week found me reading two very different French detectives: Maigret and the Lost Girl by Georges Simeon and The Dying Season by Martin Walker. What had they in common, apart from their Frenchness? Nothing, except that these books were chosen for the September meeting of the St Andrew's Book Club, which I missed through... Continue Reading →

Book Review Catch-up

I thought I had posted this some time ago. I'm ready to do the next post now... but better late than never! One of the things I’ve been doing, instead of reviewing, is making jam. The jam above is blackberry and apple jam. Today I made apricot jam and plum and apple jam. As I’m... Continue Reading →

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