Review: The Night Thief by Joy Ellis

Not as well-known as Ruth Rendell, Dorothy Sayers or P D James, Joy Ellis is one of the many East Anglian crime writers. She writes police procedural, setting her stories in the Lincolnshire Fens. She has three sets of characters, who occasionally overlap: Nikki Galena and her sergeant and lover, Joseph Easter, and Rowan Jackman... Continue Reading →

The Great Crime Read: The Day of The Three Reviews

You've heard of the Year of the Four Emperors?  This is the Day of the Three Reviews of three crime novels by three different authors. 'Last Seen Alive' by Claire Douglas The title is apt and intriguing.  This psychological thriller starts with mc murdering her husband. Libby and her lovely, cuddly husband, Jamie, have taken... Continue Reading →

‘Their Lost Daughters’ by Joy Ellis

Oh Joy! DI Rowan Jackman and DS Marie Evans (of 'The Murderer's Son' fame) are starting a murder  investigation for one teenage girl when they are asked, by their inappropriately named chief inspector, Ruth Crooke, to renew the cold case of Kenya Black, a child who vanished eight years ago.  Ooh, and then they are... Continue Reading →

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