Murder at Sea Captain’s Inn – a Great Escape

I have recently joined Great Escapes Book Tours. Great Escapes is the inspiration of Dollycas and mostly she does new cosy crime. As you've probably worked out, Dear Reader, cosy crime is my favourite genre. As this post is number nine in the blog tour for Murder at Sea Captain's Inn by Melissa Bourbon and... Continue Reading →

‘A Theological Work for Mature Christians’, Review of ‘The Shack’ by Wm Paul Young

It is difficult to review a book like ‘The Shack’ which has been the subject of so much hype since its publication in 2007 and has been made into a film. Interestingly, it was initially self-published. Many of my Christian friends find it gobsmackingly amazing. God is portrayed as a black African woman? Am I... Continue Reading →

Review: Murder the Boys by Judith Cutler

Following the death of her lover, Detective Sergeant Kate Powers has moved to join the police in Birmingham. Yes, 'police procedural' again, but a good read, the sort of book for which you'd stay up late to finish a chapter and look forward to picking up again. Murder the Boys is the first of the... Continue Reading →

Review: At The Villa Rose by A E W Mason

'Rules' and 'Good Practice' in fiction-writing are some of my biggest hates, as readers of my writing blog, Write On, will know. Thou shalt not use adverbs. Thou shalt show not tell. Thou shalt not use any speech tag except 'said' or 'says' etc etc. The author of 'At the Villa Rose', writing in 1910,... Continue Reading →

The Victorians by A N Wilson

So here I am, Dear Reader, posting on this blog after after almost three years. The previous post was in June 2018. Sigh! I created this Dear Reader blog in 2016 and between 2016 and 2018 I posted on here a review of almost everything I read but then it all lapsed and now this... Continue Reading →

‘The Time by the Sea’ by Ronald Blythe

The gist of this formed my monthly post on the Association of Christian Writers website, More Than Writers, but it is essentially a book review of a very unusual author, writing about other authors, musicians and artists, and life in Suffolk (England).  The Time by the Sea is an account of how, in the nineteen fifties,... Continue Reading →

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