Review of ‘Home to Cedar Branch’ by Brenda Bevan Remmes

When Katie Devine meets her doctor for sex in his consulting room, they are interuppted by three prurient schoolboys who have climbed a tree to watch, but manage to fall through the skylight.  This is not comedy, however.  Katie's abusive husband, Hank, murders the doctor in his own home.  Losing her job as school administrator... Continue Reading →

Review of 'The Quaker Cafe' by Brenda Bevan Remmes

Liz Hoole has been living with her husband, Chase, and her family in the small community of Cedar Branch in North Carolina for thirty odd years. Although not a Quaker by birth (not a ‘Birthright Quaker’) Chase’s family is and she has been absorbed in the Quaker community and adopted much of its teaching, most... Continue Reading →

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